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How do I update my listing?

We've designed our listing process to be as simple, yet thorough as possible. We give you the option to include all the information you need at the time of listing, but of course this can be revisited at any time.

It's easy-peasy to make changes, just go to My Account > Your Listings > Manage Listing. You'll then be presented with a menu of things to change. 


πŸ“ Location, features and more

After you've listed, you shouldn't need to make any changes to your location except for maybe refining the title.

🏑 If you've moved house and want to list the space at your new home, you should disable your old space and create a whole new listing. This is because it can otherwise cause some confusion in the system when an address changes completely after having completed bookings.

It's quite rare, but we still give you the option to add additional spaces. Say your driveway can fit two cars: When you first create your listing you have your caravan parked in one space, but after the arguments during last years summer holiday you decide to sell it, meaning you've now got a second space available to be booked.

Similarly, it doesn't happen often, but there's always a chance that you get CCTV installed to make your driveway safer. In this instance you can add (or remove) the features you want to showcase your space as having.

πŸ—“οΈ Booking settings, calendar, price

Access hours: Here's where you dictate when the space can be physically accessed. For more details on setting your access hours, check out this article.

⚑ Note: You can still accept overnight bookings (if you want)

Our advanced availability calendar has some funky features, too much for us to list in this one article. You can learn more about it here. 

πŸ€‘ It's pretty self-explanatory, but if you want to update your pricing you can do that under Rental Type & Pricing. You can switch from daily to monthly, and vice versa or decide to accept both daily and monthly bookings. As well as upping (or lowering) the price.

If you discover you're not getting as many bookings as you'd like, optimising your description is a good place to start. For many people, their car is one of their pride and joys- they want to know their car is going to be safe, how easy it is for them to get where they're going etc.

πŸ“ Your post-booking instructions are incredibly important. We automatically generate a few lines based on your address, but if there are any additional details such as a specific lamppost to watch out for signalling the right turn, this is the place to add it. 

The more detailed and comprehensive your post-booking instructions, the more likely a Driver is to successfully find your space and park there, meaning no negative reviews or refund requests!

πŸ“· Photos and Street View

We've found that listings with photos receive up to 3x more bookings. You might think "it's just two white lines?!" but it just gives a bit of peace of mind to potential Drivers when it comes to leaving their car in a new car park.

Direct your street view to show the entrance of the parking, this just makes it that bit easier for Drivers to find your space on arrival.

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