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How do I extend my monthly booking?

How do I extend my monthly booking?

Monthly bookings auto-renew every 30 days like a regular rolling-monthly subscription so you don't have to worry about telling us you want it to continue each month (like a gym membership).

When you no longer need parking and are ready to cancel your subscription, you can submit your 30 days notice via your account or in to our support team (see here for our article on how to cancel your monthly booking).

Extending your booking after you have an end-date

Once you have submitted your 30 days notice to end the booking, you will be provided with a booking end date. If you need to extend this booking at any time before the end date, you can only do so in periods of 30 days or more.

For example: If your booking end date is 20/01, the minimum extension period is 30 days so the earliest end date you can select in the future is 19/02.


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If you do require an extension to your booking please contact us here

If you do require parking for a shorter period of time, click here to search for a space nearby!

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