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How do I get my deposit back?

How do I get my deposit back?


When you submit your 30 days' notice to end your monthly booking, you will be provided with a booking end date. 

On or before your end date, you will need to vacate the parking space and return any access equipment back to the Space Owner. 

On your booking end date, an automated email will be sent to you that asks you to confirm that both the above steps have been completed. Our Customer Care team will automatically receive your confirmation and will begin our checks before actioning the return of your deposit. 

Our checks include:

  • Confirmation from the Space Owner that you have vacated the space
  • Confirmation from the Space Owner that all access equipment has been returned in full working order
  • Confirmation that any rent due has been paid

When will I get my deposit back?

Once all checks have been completed, you should expect to receive your deposit back within 5-10 working days.

❗️Important: Your deposit cannot be released any earlier than the end date on the booking.


For more information on deposits, please click here

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