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Review Policy

YourParkingSpace is a platform built on trust therefore we require all reviews on the platform to be relevant to the parking experience.

Other drivers rely on reviews to learn about the parking space and space owner if you had any interaction. Reviews that include any of the following can be deemed not-relevant and may be removed from the platform:

  • Price: The price of parking should be considered prior to booking. Once a booking is made, the price is considered accepted and is not permitted as a topic for review
  • Customer support: Requests for refunds or other support requests, including complaints about YourParkingSpace policies are not permitted as a topic for a review
  • Comments deemed out of the Space Owner's and YourParkingSpace’s control: Not being able to find the parking space, or not travelling to your destination are not permitted as a topic for a review
  • Comments about products or services not related to YourParkingSpace: Poor sat-nav functionality or Google directions, road closures, and issues with alternate payment machines are not permitted as a topic for a review
  • Profanity and abusive language

Reporting a review 

To report a review that violates our Review Policy, contact us here

Note: YourParkingSpace expects all reviews to be true and accurate to the parking experience. We do not mediate reviews based on truth or fairness.

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