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Why have I been paid less than I was expecting?

Why have I been paid less than I was expecting?

I have hourly/daily bookings

Payments for short-term bookings are only made when a booking has ended.


Example 1: A Driver is going to see their favourite singer, and they've booked your parking space- hooray! The only problem? The concert isn't until Christmas.. Regardless of when a booking is confirmed, you'll always be paid after it's completed. So that booking in December will be paid out on the first working day of January. 

Example 2: Someone books your parking space for a fortnight while they're on holiday, it runs over two months because it starts in June but ends in July, so when do you get paid? Well, since you're paid when the booking is completed, you'll get payment for this booking in the payment run for July, that's August 3rd!


I have a completed booking, but I've still not been paid

Okay, so there's one key thing to check here. It's simple but easily forgotten- have you given us payment details? Are they correct? It goes without saying that we can't pay you if we don't know how! You can add or check your bank or Paypal details here.

One other thing to bear in mind is that we don't pay out balances under £10. Obviously, we don't just keep your money because your booking is less than £10! We'll keep rolling the money over until your balance reaches the minimum. 

If times are tough and you desperately need the outstanding £5.86 to treat yourself to a pint after a tough week at work, we'll happily add this to the next payment run for you. Just drop us a note here

Am I paid for cancelled bookings? 

In a word, no.

We are always working in the best interests of both Drivers and Space Owners, we have cancellation policy in place to protect your earnings where possible, so a booking will only be cancelled if it meets our requirements.


One more thing..

We pay monthly and daily bookings separately. If received got some money but you're expecting more, just wait! Depending on who you bank with payments may not arrive in your account until 7pm on the first working day of the month.


Have a monthly booking? Here's why you may not have been paid the full month's rent.

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