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Why have I been paid less than I was expecting?

Why have I been paid less than I was expecting?

Earnings for short-term (hourly and daily) bookings are paid in the month following the booking end dateEarnings are paid out on the first business day of the month, so all bookings that complete in January, are paid in February (and so on).

Example 1: A booking is made today February 10th for an Ed Sheeran concert on  May 10th. A driver pays for the booking today to secure a space on the date. As a Space Owner, you will be paid for this booking on June 1st. 

Example 2: Someone books your parking space for a week while they're on holiday. The booking runs from August 25th to September 2nd which is over two months. Because the booking end date is in September, the earnings for this booking will be paid in October. 


I have a completed booking, but I've still not been paid.

Check your payment preferences to make sure there are no typos in your account number or sort-code - this is the most common reason your payment will not have reached you. If you've not yet added payment details, see our article here.

The second most common reason for your payment not arriving is that your earnings balance is under £10.00. As soon as you have earned a minimum of £10.00, your earnings will be released on the next payment date (first business day of the month). 

Am I paid for cancelled bookings? 

Cancelled bookings are fully refunded to the Driver so, they do not count as earnings therefore will not be paid. Our Parking Contract outlines the cancellation and refund terms to ensure we have a policy system in place for both our Driver's and Space Owners in mind. 


I've received my payment, why have I been credited twice by YourParkingSpace? 

We pay monthly and short-term bookings separately. If you've received two rows of payment credited into your account from YourParkingSpace, this will resemble earnings for monthly bookings and then daily bookings. If you're expecting earnings for both types of bookings, but you've only received one set of credit, just bear with us. Depending on who you bank with payments may not arrive in your account until 19:00 pm on the first working day of the month.


Have a monthly booking? Here's why you may not have been paid the full month's rent.

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