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How do I get paid?

You've two options when it comes to receiving payment for your bookings: Paypal or Bank Transfer. We're not fussed either way, so choose whichever method you prefer!


Before we can pay you, you'll need to add your details here. And don't worry, your details are kept under lock and key so they're nice and secure


Consider yourself warned..

Paypal charge their customers a fee to receive payment through their platform. It's not much (£0.20 plus 3.4%) but still worth mentioning, as they say "look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves". 


Example: You've got your first booking (congrats!), you're set to earn £40 per month. By bank transfer you'll receive the full £40, by Paypal you'll receive £38.44.

Easy as that!

Add your details, wait for the first business day of the month and as long as you're earnings are over £10, your payment will land straight in your account

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