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Do I have to do anything after listing my space?

Do I have to do anything after listing my space?

Once you have listed your space our team will review it and either approve it (setting it live on our site) or flag it for further information required. We will get in touch directly if we need further details or have noticed a particular problem (eg. excessive price).

When we get interest in your space or receive a booking, we will be in touch.
When you get a booking you will receive a Booking Confirmation email (yay!). Please ensure that access to the space will be available on the booked date and time, if your availability calendar is up to date this will already all be in perfect order. You will receive the contact details of your tenant in your Booking Confirmation email, the only action required is the exchange of access equipment (if applicable) which you will organise directly with the tenant. 

For all subscription rentals we take a deposit equal to the first month's rent which is held by us for the duration of the tenancy to cover the cost of any access equipment.

Subscription rentals are paid to the landlord on the last day of the month and short term bookings are made on the first day of the following month for any completed bookings.

No money is ever exchanged on the day, we take care of payments and deposit (where applicable) for you!

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