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What if I overstay my booking?

What if I overstay my booking?

An overstay is defined as parking longer than your booked duration. This can be staying later than your end-time, or arriving earlier than your start time.

Your vehicle is only authorised to park by YourParkingSpace for the times and dates specified in your booking. Parking outside of these specified times can lead to being liable for extra charges and/or your vehicle receiving a Parking Charge Notice (PCN). Additionally, overstaying a booking is a direct breach of the Parking Contract and can (in severe cases) result in a permanent suspension from the platform, landing you on a blacklist. 

To avoid any penalties and also inconveniencing other Driver's who may be parking after you, Driver's are required to vacate a space at the booked end time or extend their parking session before it completes. 

In the instance you do overstay your booked dates/times, you will be liable to pay:

  1. Additional rate for any additional time stayed charged at the hourly rate until exceeds the cost of the daily rate, and/or -
  2. Any Parking Charge Notice's issued by the onsite enforcement company, and/or -
  3. Any towing or impound charges if your vehicle is removed by authorities

The owner shall authorise YourParkingSpace to collect payment off any such additional fees from the driver on behalf of the owner. YourParkingSpace has full discretion on any additional fees and as such YourParkingSpace decision will be final.


Extending a booking

Our platform allows you to extend a booking if you're running late or need more time, provided there is availability for you to do so.

For more information on how to amend and extend your monthly booking click here.

For more information on how to amend and extend your daily/hourly booking click here.

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