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What if I over stay my booking?

What if I over stay my booking?

It is best to over-estimate the length of time you will require a space for so that you don't overstay as this can incur penalty fees or even result in PCN's at certain locations. Overstaying your booking can also affect other users experience; Space Owners may require their space for personal use or other bookings. We ask that all drivers respect the booking times they commit to.

If you overstay a booking, you will be liable to pay the full price for any additional time stayed. The driver will be liable to pay:

1. The additional rate for any additional time stayed charged at the hourly rate until this exceeds the cost of the daily rate

2. A £10 overstay charge per day to YourParkingSpace for administration and processing

3. The owner shall authorise YourParkingSpace to collect payment of any such additional fees from the Driver on behalf of the Owner

YourParkingSpace has full discretion about whether any fees will be applied for overstays and YourParkingSpace’s decision will be final.

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