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How do I find and download my receipt?

How do I find and download my receipt?

Pre-book receipts 

Once you have completed your booking, you will automatically be provided with a receipt via email. 

These receipts will also be saved in your account for you to access at any time 

  1. Navigate to your account here
  2. If the booking is active, navigate to the ‘Active Bookings’ tab and click ‘View Receipt’
  3. If the booking has been completed, navigate to the ‘Past Bookings’ tab
  4. Locate the booking you wish to view the receipt for and click on the 3 dots 
  5. Choose ‘View receipt’ from the drop down menu!


Kiosk receipts 

When using one of our paperless kiosks, you will be asked to enter your phone number or email address to receive your receipt. We don't hold kiosk receipts therefore aren't able to provide one after the transaction.


Pay by mobile 

If you have used our pay by mobile service, you will be sent a link via text message to access your invoice. 

This can then be saved and downloaded to your device.


I did not receive my receipt

The money being debited from your account can be used as proof of payment should you need this. 

If you need a receipt for VAT purposes, please contact us here.



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