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How do I contact the space owner?

How do I contact the space owner?

The contact details of your landlord can be found within your Booking confirmation email. 

This information is always readily available within your account

  1. Log into your account here 
  2. Click on "Active Bookings" on the left hand side panel
  3. Find the booking you need to contact the Space Owner for and click "Manage Booking" 
  4. Scroll about halfway down the page and in a container on the right you'll see "Your Space Owner" and their contact details

What if I have booked a commercial space?

Not all spaces are owned by a private landlord, we also offer a large range of commercial locations such as hotels car parks, shopping centres, pubs and churches to name a few. If you book a commercial location, the contact information will be our Support Team and we're available 24/7 if you need us.

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