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Are your prices inclusive of VAT?

Are your prices inclusive of VAT?

The majority of locations on our platform are rented out by private space owners who are not VAT registered. In these instances VAT is charged within YourParkingSpace’s 20% service fee. 

If the space owner at your chosen location is VAT registered, VAT will be applied to full booking value.

All of our receipts include a VAT breakdown regardless of how much is charged. These can be downloaded at any time by logging into your account and viewing your booking:

  1. Navigate to your account here
  2. If the booking is active, navigate to the ‘Active Bookings’ tab and click ‘View Receipt’
  3. If the booking has been completed, navigate to the ‘Past Bookings’ tab
  4. Locate the booking you wish to view the receipt for and click on the 3 dots 
  5. Choose ‘View receipt’ from the drop down menu!

Our VAT number is GB 196224981.

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