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What's the refund policy for monthly bookings?

What's the refund policy for monthly bookings?

Refund terms for monthly bookings vary depending on the number of days passed from the booked start date.

Cancel before the start date

All full refund will be provided for a monthly booking that is cancelled any time before the start date. 

Cancel no later than the end of the second day

A full refund less the cost of each day of the booking until the end of the day after the day on which we receive your email to cancel. 

Request a refund any time after the end of the second day

A refund is not applicable. 30 days notice to terminate the monthly booking will apply from your notice date. 

If there is a problem with your booked parking space at any point during your booking and you believe you are due a refund, you are required to report it to YourParkingSpace within 48 hours for consideration.

To report a problem, please contact us here and include all necessary information for our team to consider your request.

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