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How do payments work?

Most of our spaces require a deposit equal to the value of one months' rent in order to secure your chosen parking space. This is taken at the time you place your booking. The deposit is fully refundable at the end of your booking provided that any access equipment is returned to the Space Owner on the final day of the booking and there is no outstanding rent due.

If your booking requires a deposit, your first month's rent will be taken on the start date of your booking. This day of the month becomes your default billing date and your rolling-monthly payment will be charged on this day each month until we receive 30 days notice to terminate the booking.

Once 30 days notice to terminate the booking is submitted, your booking end date will be set to 30 days from the next billing date. 

Deposit-free bookings 

In the event that your booking does not require a deposit, your first payment at the time of placing your booking will be your first month's rent, regardless of the chosen start date. This is to secure your chosen start date with the Space Owner and take the space off the market from that date. 

Your default billing date for a deposit-free booking will be set to 2 days before your starting date.

For example: Your start date is the 10th of the month, your billing date will be set to the 8th of each month.


To change your billing date, please contact us here.

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