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Can I amend the start date of my monthly booking?

Can I amend the start date of my monthly booking?


If for any reason you need to change the start date of your monthly booking - whether that be to bring it forward or to change it to a later day, simply contact us here to request the change.

Please be aware that all amendments to an already confirmed booking are subject to availability, so as long as the space is available as per your new dates we'll be able to process that for you nice and easily. Any changes will be confirmed back in an email.


❗️Important: We are not able to backdate bookings. Backdating refers to creating a booking for a parking session that occurred in the past. If your vehicle accessed a parking space without a valid booking for that period, your vehicle will be at risk of a Parking Charge Notice (PCN). For any parking session that YourParkingSpace does not have a valid payment to cover, the Driver will be liable for any PCN issued.

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