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My vehicle registration.

My vehicle registration.

Why do I need to provide my vehicle registration?

What if I don't know my vehicle registration yet?

How do I update my vehicle registration?

Why do I need to provide my vehicle registration? 

Upon making a booking you will be asked to confirm your vehicle registration.

Your vehicle registration is automatically communicated to onsite enforcement at your booked location so that they can expect you at the time of your parking session, and avoid mistakenly issuing you with a parking charge notice.

Crucially, some sites use ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology to identify you as a pre-paid customer. In these instances your registration is vital in ensuring your entry and exit of the location is as seamless as possible.


What if I don’t know my registration yet?

We understand that sometimes you may not be able to input this information at the time of booking - no worries!

If you are making a booking that is more than 1 hour away you will have the option to select ‘I don’t know my registration’. This gives you the ability to enter your registration at a later date. 

Be aware - it is vital this is completed at least 1 hour before your booking starts (don’t worry - we will send you a reminder). 


How do I update my registration?

To change your registration, log into your account here

  1. Navigate to the booking you wish to amend 
  2. Click Manage Booking 
  3. Navigate to Vehicle Registration
  4. Click ‘Change Vehicle’

Please ensure that any amendments to your registration are completed at least 1 hour before your booking begins.

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