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Why does YourParkingSpace require my vehicle registration number?

Why does YourParkingSpace require my vehicle registration number?

Your vehicle registration number is provided to the Space Owner once your booking is processed and confirmed to ensure you are easily identified when parking. Your vehicle registration is also provided to on-site enforcement which ensures that you are not mistakenly issued with a PCN. Your registration details are also crucial for our commercial sites which use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to identify you as a pre-paid customer and allows for a seamless entry and exit. 

If you are unsure of your vehicle registration at the time of booking, it's no problem. Simply select "don't know my vehicle registration" to complete the booking and reserve your space. This information will need to be updated prior to your parking and can be updated by logging into your account and amending your booking details. Alternatively, you can let us know your updated registration details here.

YourParkingSpace will not be liable for any PCN's that may be issued as a result of incorrect or incomplete registration details provided by the driver on a booking.

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