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Your pricing options are either static pricing or dynamic pricing.

  1. Dynamic Pricing: Allows the YourParkingSpace smart pricing algorithm to vary the price of your parking space to reflect changing market demands, maximising your earning potential.
  2. Static Pricing: Allows the Space Owner to select a rental price for their parking space that will be marketed at the same price no matter when the booking is made or when the booking is for.

    Whilst we allow Owners to set their own price, the price must be inline with our Fair Pricing Policy

    If you are unsure how much to charge, we would advise you to look at nearby listings on our platform with reviews and consider pricing your space competitively against these.

If you select static pricing, you choose how much you want to earn on an hourly, daily or monthly basis and that is the exact amount you receive.  We don't take a commission – instead of taking a cut out of your earnings, we add a percentage on top of your listed price so the Driver pays our fee within their booking total. Our fee works out to be 20% of the total price paid by the Driver.

Not sure what to charge? Search our site and see what other people in the area renting their space out for. 


💡Top tip if you're new to the platform:

If you are new to the platform you won't have any reviews on your listing which are the second most important consideration our drivers say impact their decision when booking a parking space (first being price). This means that until you get a few great reviews, we recommend pricing your space slightly less that nearby spaces that already have reviews - so you can capture attention based on price (first consideration by drivers) and build those reviews.

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