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How can I increase interest in my listing?

How can I increase interest in my listing?

The best spaces are always the listings that include a lot of detail about the space itself (location and distance to points of interest, size of space and size of vehicles that fit and the type of space itself). 

BUT our best performing spaces are ones that have photos 📸. Go snap some pictures on your smartphone and upload them to your listing as a first point of action.

🎯 Fact: spaces with 3+ photos receive 6x as much interest.


What are the biggest influences for drivers when considering a parking space?

1. Price

Price is the number one factor when drivers are looking to book a space. Consider the price of other spaces listed on our platform in your area to price your space competitively.  

💡Top tip if you're new to the platform:

If you are new to the platform you won't have any reviews on your listing which are the second most important consideration our drivers say impact their decision when booking a parking space (first being price). This means that until you get a few great reviews, we recommend pricing your space slightly less that nearby spaces that already have reviews - so you can capture attention based on price (first consideration by drivers) and build those reviews.

2. Photos

People are expected to park their high-value possession (vehicle) in your space so photos go a long way to help them visualise the space when considering to book. They are typically looking for neat, well-kept (no rubbish or branches encroaching on the space). Driver's shop with eyes and for listings with more than 2 images we see 6x as much interest and 4x as many bookings. 

3. Reviews

Reliability of the space is also super important for Driver's. People are parking in your space because they're headed somewhere usually for a specific time - whether that be to work, to the station, to the airport or to an event (just to name a few!). If the parking space they book is not reliable, it will inconveniently impact their onward journey - a risk most driver's want to avoid. So, encouraging reviews and provided great experiences when you do get bookings is the way to go! You'll find the more reviews you have the more bookings you'll receive, and in turn you can start to adjust your price to a higher rate for the reliable experience you provide.

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