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What is the booking guarantee?

The booking guarantee is put in place to ensure that you are covered in the unlikely event that you are unable to park. 

If you arrive at a space and find that you are unable to park, YourParkingSpace will

  1. Attempt to relocate you
  2. If unable to relocate you, provide a full refund.

Driver should contact YourParkingSpace as soon as possible in the event that they are unable to access their booked space. Where possible, driver should provide evidence of the no access. 

Driver has 48 hours from the time the booking started to contact us to inform us of no access. 

YourParkingSpace will attempt to pick up the communication as soon as possible. In the event that the message is not picked up in time the time and date the message was sent will be noted and a full refund will be issued. 

YourParkingSpace will reach out to the space owner of the location to confirm that no access was given at the time of booking.

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