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What is the Booking Guarantee?

Our Booking Guarantee is there to protect you, the driver, in the event you are unable to access the parking space as booked. To make sure that you're not left in the lurch without a parking space on the day and at the time you were expecting to park, contact us here so that we can jump on the case and find you a solution.

If you arrive at a booked location and find that you can't access the parking space, YourParkingSpace will

  1. Relocate you to a nearby space on our platform at no additional charge, or
  2. Provide you with a full refund.

In order to take advantage of the above, please make sure to get in touch with us here in a timely manner so we can source you a new place to park from our inventory, or provide you with a refund so you can source your own alternative.

The refund policy applies, so if you have an issue and need a refund you'll need to get in touch with us within 48 hours.

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