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What if the parking space is not as expected?

What if the parking space is not as expected?

When a location is initially listed on our platform, it will be taken through the YourParkingSpace quality control process. This is to ensure we are able to obtain as much information about the space and the associated space owner. 

Whilst we at YourParkingSpace take great measures to ensure that a space is how a space owner says it is, there may still be rare instances in which a space is not as expected. 

What would be considered ‘not as expected?’

  1. Height / width restrictions not as stated
  2. Does not fit description given on platform
  3. Access hours differ from description given 

If you believe a space is not as described on our platform, please get in touch with us here. YourParkingSpace can then launch an investigation into what went wrong.

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