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How do I cancel a booking?

How do I cancel a booking?

I have an hourly/daily booking

Short-term bookings can be cancelled for a full refund up to 24 hours before you're due to start parking. 

Cancelling a booking within this timeframe couldn't be easier: 

  1. Within your Driver account select the booking you no longer need
  2. Click "manage booking"
  3. Scroll down to roughly halfway down the page until you see the big red "cancel" button
  4. Choose a reason you need to cancel followed by "cancel booking"
  5. Your refund is automatically issued, which typically hits your account within 5-10 days

If you booked your vehicle to arrive less than 24h from the time of placing the booking, unfortunately your booking is non-refundable so can't be cancelled.

💡Hot tip: If you can't see a "cancel" button within your account, this means your booking has fallen outside of the cancellation policy and can't be cancelled.


I have a monthly booking

Before your booking starts..

Once booked in until your booking start date you're able to cancel your booking and receive a full refund. 

Our priority is ensuring that all of our Drivers are able to park when they need to, so we'll always try to help you with sourcing another parking space first.


Your first two days of parking..

If for any reason you arrive at your space on the first day of your booking and find that the space is not the right match for you, you'll need to reach out to us directly within 48h of your booking starting. Obviously, the sooner you can let us know the better!

We'll try to understand exactly why you need to cancel, then help you find the perfect space by learning your specific needs and locating suitable alternative spaces for you. 


Your third day of parking and onwards..

Once you've reached the 48 hour mark of your booking starting, you'll then need to hand in 30 days' notice if you no longer wish to park.

Again, we want to give our Drivers everything they need to make their parking life easier, so we'll first try to understand more about why you're cancelling and what you're looking for in a space.


To cancel a long-term booking, whether before or after it's started, you'll just need to drop us a line here.

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