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How do I amend the date or time of my booking?

How do I amend the date or time of my booking?

You are able to change your booking details, subject to availability, via your account on the web or our free YourParkingSpace application on iOS and Android. If you need to extend, shorten or completely change the date of your booking, please follow the below guidelines.

Do note, we might not always be able to process your request to amend dates and times on confirmed bookings due to the availability of the space. If you experience any issues with amending bookings, please reach out to our support team here and we'll do our best to accommodate you or, if necessary, find you a nearby alternative with suitable availability.

Using the web? Log in to your account and locate the booking you want to amend under the 'Active Bookings' tab. Click 'Manage Booking' and you'll find options to Change date & time under the booked times that have already been confirmed.


Using the App? Find your active booking located in the 'My Bookings' tab of the app and click on the booking to reveal details and further options. Scroll to the bottom to find the option to 'Change Dates And Times'. Click here to amend your booking. 


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