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What are monthly bookings?


Monthly bookings are a subscription-based booking, and are also sometimes referred to as "long-term" bookings.

When you book a parking space on a monthly basis, the booking will automatically roll on each month until you submit 30 days' notice to end the booking. Just like a gym membership!

💰Deposit bookings vs. Deposit-free bookings

The majority of locations on our platform require a deposit payment to secure the space. The deposit is also held to cover any damage, loss of equipment and/or cover any unpaid rent. 

Deposit-free bookings are typically car parks that are open access (ie. no security key/fob) and have Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera systems that monitor authorised vehicle access. The accessibility of these sites mean there is no need for the deposit, therefore, we don't unnecessarily require a Driver to pay a deposit on those grounds. 

🏢Monthly booking plans

Discover more freedom of choice with our new monthly booking plans, available at selected locations! Opt for our versatile 'any 3 days' plan, or choose 'Monday to Friday' or 'Monday to Sunday' options to complement your parking needs. 

Any 3 Days: This plan provides ultimate flexibility, allowing you to make use of your parking space for any 3 days of the week, with no need to pre-select your chosen days.

Monday to Friday only: Designed specifically for individuals with a consistent Monday to Friday schedule, this plan allows you to reserve your parking space for each weekday throughout the month.

Monday to Sunday: This plan allows you to access your space 7 days (Monday to Sunday) a week. Enjoy uninterrupted access for the duration of your booking.

🚫 Cancelling a monthly booking

The cancellation and refund policy for a rolling monthly booking depends on at what point in the booking you submit your notice to terminate.

In summary:

· Cancelling before the start date - a full refund applies

· Cancelling within 48 hours of the start date - a full refund less the days passed (ie. if cancelling on day 1 we will deduct 1 day of parking, if cancelling on day 2 we will deduct 2 days of parking)

· Cancelling your subscription anytime after the first 48 hours (also referred to as "ending" your booking or "terminating" your booking) - 30 days' notice will apply, no refund will be due as we will take a pro-rata amount for your final months' rent.

💡How do I cancel my monthly booking? For details on how to end or cancel a monthly booking, click here.

❄️ Cooling off period

As expected, we offer a cooling-off period of 48 hours to give the Driver time to assess the location and space for suitability before committing to a minimum period of 30 days.

You have 2 days from your start day (start date = day 1, second day = day 2) to tell us if the space isn't suitable. 

📅 Changing your billing date

We're happy to change your billing date to a date that suits you best. Simply get in touch with us to request the change, and our team will confirm the charge due to catch you up to the billing date, so that your next payment on that date is your regular monthly rental payment. Contact us here.

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