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What's the refund policy for daily parking?

What's the refund policy for daily parking?

You can cancel a booking up to 24 hours before the start time and receive a full refund. Please login to your account to manage your upcoming bookings.

If your booking was made to start within 24 hours of reserving the space, or your refund request is submitted after the start time of your booking, the booking will be non-refundable.

On the rare occasion that you arrive and your booked parking space isn't as advertised or there is an issue including availability that results in you being unable to use the parking space, YourParkingSpace will provide a full refund. Please contact our support team within 48 hours of the booking start time to open a refund case. Get in touch here.

Please note that YourParkingSpace is unable to cover the cost of alternative parking arrangements outside of our inventory list. For further details on what makes a booking eligible for a refund, please click here.

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