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Once I book my parking is it guaranteed?

Once I book my parking is it guaranteed?

Once you book a parking session through our platform, this is instantly reserved for the duration of your booking.

All details on how to access your space will be provided in your post booking instructions found within your booking confirmation email. It is vital you take note of these to ensure the entry and exit of your booked space is as seamless as possible! 

In the unlikely event that you are unable to access the space you have booked, please contact us as soon as possible here. You are protected by our booking guarantee, and as such we will attempt to relocate your booking or provide a full refund.

Please be aware that you are only covered for the location date and time you have pre booked with YourParkingSpace. In the event you park elsewhere you will not be covered by your booking and should follow the parking contract of the new location. 

Any Parking Charge Notices issued due to noncompliance with parking regulations will not be covered by YourParkingSpace, and should be appealed directly with the issuing authority.

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