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Is my booking guaranteed?

Is my booking guaranteed?


All parking spaces that show in the search results and subsequently allow you to book them, have been set as available by the Space Owner.

Once you make a booking and complete payment, you will receive a confirmation email. At this point, the listed location will tick down one available space so that it's digitally reserved for you for the duration of your booking.


Reserving Spaces

YourParkingSpace doesn't require Space Owner's to physically reserve the parking space for your booking. As you can imagine, this wouldn't be possible unless we required all Space Owner's to monitor the space 24/7. Instead, we digitally reserve them.


Private Space Owner's:

Private Owner's set their availability manually and have the ability to mark ad-hoc days or times as unavailable to avoid our system automatically accepting a booking at a time they can't host. With our great availability functionality hen you book their driveway, garage, or on-street parking space, the space will be available when you arrive. 

If you have any issues, you have their contact details within your booking details and should drop them a call. They may have forgot you were coming and simply need to move their car or can help you with any other query.


Commercial Space Owner's

YourParkingSpace works with well-known brands from hotel chains to supermarkets. Because we don't sell the full car park on our platform, there will always be a space for you when you turn up.

Not to bore you with the details - or give away all of our secrets - ( if you're interested in how we do it read on), the number of spaces we advertise is based on an algorithm that uses ANPR camera data to tell us how many spaces on average are available on any given day. We then take a controlled percentage of these spaces to advertise, allowing more than enough wiggle-room if the car park happened to be busier than usual on a particular day. It works a treat!


What is the Booking Guarantee?

In the unlikely event that you are unable to access the parking space you have booked, we have a Booking Guarantee that offers you:

a) Relocation to a nearby space on our platform at no additional charge, or

b) A full refund

In order to take advantage of the above, please make sure to get in touch with us here in a timely manner so we can source you a new place to park from our inventory, or provide you with a refund so you can source your own alternative.

The refund policy applies, so if you have an issue and need a refund you'll need to get in touch with us within 48 hours.

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