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Type of Space

Are you listing a parking space in a driveway, lockup garage, residential car park or commercial car park?


Any private driveway can be listed on our platform. If your driveway can fit more than one vehicle we recommend using your post-booking instructions to describe how you want people to park. 

Example of additional post-booking instructions: "This driveway can fit 2 vehicles. Please park to the left of the driveway so that another vehicle can fit to the right".



Residential car park

If you have parking that comes with your property you can rent this on our platform. You'll typically have an allocated bay and or a parking permit, so just make sure that you are disclosing all the right access details so that your listing passes our quality checks without any issues.



Commercial car park

Does your business have parking that is underutilised? You don't have to list all available spaces if you need to keep some for staff or customers, but you can list some unused bays to generate additional revenue from your asset (parking). 



Lock-up garage 

Lock-up garages are also highly sought after parking spaces on our platform and typically fetch much higher rental prices due to the security they offer. 


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