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Can I advertise my space on other platforms as well as YourParkingSpace?

Can I advertise my space on other platforms as well as YourParkingSpace?


We don’t want to restrict our space owners to only using our site, you can advertise your space on as many platforms as you like, we only ask that you keep your availability up to date at all times. 

If you get a booking via a different platform, make sure you update your availability calendar with us to ensure you do not receive any bookings that you will be unable to accommodate. 

To update your availability on specific dates:

  1. Login to your account here
  2. Click ‘Manage Listing' on the listing you want to adjust the price on
  3. Scroll to Step 2 and click 'Change' next to Availability Calendar
  4. Click on the day you wish to change the price on, or click and drag to select multiple days in a row (like a week or weekend)
  5. In the right hand side pop up box titled Custom Availability, Access Times & Prices, scroll down to find the hourly and daily price boxes 
  6. Adjust the availability and click 'Save changes'

Cancelling confirmed bookings that you can't host

📣 Cancelling a booking once it's confirmed can ruin the plans of Drivers and cause negative reviews, which is why it's super important that you keep your calendar accurate. 

❗️We understand that life's busy, mistakes can happen and things can be missed, so we operate a three strike policy when it comes to cancelling bookings once confirmed to ensure our platform remains reliable and trustworthy for drivers.

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