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These details allow us to plot your parking space on our map which is vital when driver's are looking for parking near a specific point of interest or location.

We also use the location you set to provider Driver's with a 'Get Directions' link in their booking confirmation email which drops a pin on the users navigation app of choice, making their journey to your parking space as seamless as possible.

You are required to submit

1. Property name (if applicable)

2. Street number & name

3. Town/City

4. Postcode


I'm concerned about privacy, what information do you publicly advertise?

We never advertise the full address of your parking space on our website so that your privacy is protected. We show the street name and snippet of the postcode when Driver's search for parking and view your listing details.

Example: If your parking space is listed at 10 Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BU, we will show your listing title as "Parking on Smith Street, London SW1".

💡 The full address is only provided once the Driver makes the bookings.


The auto-generated street-view is wrong, how do I fix this?

As the pin is based on the postcode this can sometimes be slightly inaccurate, which then affects the street view. You can manually move the pin by clicking and dragging it to where you want it to be.

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