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Why did you decide to start a business selling parking spaces?

Why did you decide to start a business selling parking spaces?

It all began back in 2006 when the YourParkingSpace founder, Charles Cridland, noticed a number of empty driveways whilst walking to Kew Gardens Station. Here was when the realisation happened that train station parking needn't be in such short supply if people could rent out their private spaces. A few months later in July 2006, YourParkingSpace was launched. 

YourParkingSpace was originally based around the concept of renting out private driveways. However, it soon became clear that driveways weren’t the only spaces that were in demand. We quickly started to be used as a platform for renting out all types of off-street spaces, from spare land to underground parking spaces and off-street garages.

Thanks to some great publicity in many national newspapers and both ITV London Tonight and BBC Breakfast, we quickly grew to become one of the most popular places to turn your unused driveway into a cash generating asset by renting out a parking space.

In December 2013 Harrison Woods who appeared on Dragons Den in 2012, invested in YourParkingSpace. It was here that we set out to achieve our new mission - to turn YourParkingSpace into the UK’s leading online parking marketplace. A marketplace that would feature driveways, private off-street parking spaces, lock-up garages and, significantly, spaces from commercial car park operators.

At the beginning of 2014 YourParkingSpace was re-launched and motorists can now find and book hourly, daily and monthly parking UK-wide. 

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