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How do I use AutoPay?

AutoPay is an automatic payment solution that allows you to make payment for your parking sessions without any manual input.


How does it work?

If AutoPay has been enabled on your account, you will receive a text message upon entering any applicable car parks confirming that the AutoPay session has started.

After leaving the car park you will receive another text message confirming that the AutoPay session has been completed and a link to the receipt.


How to enable AutoPay

  1. Open the AutoPay registration page
  2. Login or create an account if required (this step will be skipped if you have already logged in to the YPS website)
  3. Enter your vehicle registration number
  4. Add a payment method
  5. Further vehicles can be added from the account page and will need to be enabled using the "Availability" toggle

After these steps have been completed, AutoPay will be enabled on your account and will work with any applicable spaces.

In the event that the vehicle registration number or payment method are removed, AutoPay will be disabled and will need to be enabled again from the account page on our website using the toggle.

New vehicles aren't automatically enabled for AutoPay, ensure that it has been enabled on the account page using the toggle if needed.


Which locations work with AutoPay?

Look out for the AutoPay signage in our car parks around the country. We are working on making these sites searchable in the near future.
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