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How do I claim the cost to replace my unreturned access equipment?

How do I claim the cost to replace my unreturned access equipment?

YourParkingSpace takes a deposit up to the value of one months rent for all monthly bookings to ensure the safe return of your access equipment. 

In the rare occurrence that your access equipment is not returned on or before the final day of rental (booking end date, Space Owners are required to contact our customer support team within 2 days to ensure the deposit is not released back to the driver before the cost of replacement is deducted. 

This means Space Owners have up to 48 hours after the booking end date to report unreturned or damaged access equipment to YourParkingSpace in order to guarantee an access equipment replacement fee is paid. An access equipment replacement fee is paid once we receive a quote or receipt for the repair/replacement cost, where a claim up to the value of the deposit can be considered.

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Liability exclusions

The deposit covers the cost of replacement access equipment, it doesn't cover the cost of any potential lost rental earnings during the time period between the end of the rental and the date on which the access equipment is returned, or the date by which replacement access equipment is obtained. 

What about lost access equipment for hourly/daily (short-term) bookings?

YourParkingSpace will not be liable for the replacement cost of access equipment provided for short-term bookings (bookings of 30 days or less) as a driver does not pay a deposit for these bookings. To have the protection of a security deposit, please list your space for monthly bookings only.

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