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Top tips to increase your bookings

Top tips to increase your bookings

Our marketing team have carried out extensive research on driver behaviour and their highest-valued considerations when booking a parking space on our platform. The main findings show that space owners can increase their bookings by optimising 3 main factors of their listing:

1. Decrease your price, offer an introductory rate!

We know you want to earn the fair market value for your parking space however as with any new product in a marketplace, it is always best to start your parking space at an introductory price until you are able to build up some great reviews and build trust with our driver community.

Space owners can change their price at any time by logging in to their account and editing their listing.

The best way to price your listing most competitively is to do a search of your postcode on our homepage and assess the nearby prices for similar spaces (e.g. driveway for a driveway, garage for a garage).

2. Add photos of your parking space

Granted, these photos won't be so excited as to make your Instagram account, however, our numbers show that drivers book parking spaces with photos on average 64% more often than spaces without photos on the listing.

As drivers are intending to leave a valuable possession at the space they book, it is only natural that they want peace of mind knowing the parking space will be suitable.

Add your photos by logging in to your account and editing your listing.

3. Optimise your listing description

Drivers are needing to park their car to be close to a particular point of interest. They're expected to walk from your car parking space to wherever they need to be so adding walking distances to nearby points of interest such as train stations, shopping districts, high streets, hospitals, airports and universities (just to name a few) will add great value to your listing.

Update your listing, Log in to edit your description.

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