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Why am I receiving less deposit back than I paid?

Why am I receiving less deposit back than I paid?

For most monthly bookings, we take a deposit equal to one month's rent. This is to protect our Parking Providers against damage or loss of access equipment.

After you've given your 30 days' notice and your booking comes to an end, all access equipment (such as a key, fob or parking permit) have to be returned to the Parking Provider within 48 hours. 

Unfortunately, if the access equipment isn't returned to the Parking Provider promptly, you may be charged an access equipment replacement fee, plus any pro-rated usage from the end of your booking until the day the space becomes accessible again.

What's the rush?

We started as a pre-book platform, and that's still how many of our customers prefer to book. If you keep hold of the access equipment any longer than you're booked to park, you could be impacting both another Drivers booking, and the Parking Providers income, as a result! 


There was no access equipment, or I've already returned it

When you book, you agree to give us (on our Parking Providers' behalf) 30 days' notice to end your booking. It's just like any other rental, you benefit from the flexibility of not being tied into a contract by simply agreeing to give us some time to re-advertise the space and secure more bookings for that nice, empty driveway. 

Again, because we're lovely and flexible, we allow that 30 days' to begin at any point during the month rather than in line with your billing period. This means that your final month's payment is likely to be an odd amount as it will be pro-rated.

We'll typically always try to deduct this amount from your usual payment method, but on occasion this payment can fail. Instead of pounding your door down for new card details, we'll simply take the outstanding payment from your deposit before returning this to you!


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