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I haven't received payment for my earnings

I haven't received payment for my earnings


All payments are made on the first business day of the month. Please keep in mind that depending on who you bank with, your payment could take until 7pm to show in your account.

Earnings for monthly (long-term) bookings are paid separate to earnings for hourly/daily (short-term) bookings. This means if you've had two types of bookings in the month, your earnings payment in your bank will show as two separate rows and values.

Earnings payment for monthly bookings

You are only paid for the period of parking that has been used, so your first payment for a new monthly booking will be typically less than a full month (unless the booking starts on the 1st of course!)

Example: If the booking starts on the 15th of January, and your monthly rate is £100 per month, you will receive a payment of £50 on February 1st, then £100 of March 1st and so on (keeping in mind your payment date is the first business day of the month, not the 1st of the month).

Earnings payment hourly/daily bookings

Payments for short-term (hourly/daily) bookings are made in the month the booking completes. This means that if a booking starts in one month but ends in the next, you'll be paid for the booking in the month it ends.

Example 1: You receive a booking confirmation today (yay!), someone has booked parking for their summer holiday in June; you'll be paid for this booking on the first business day in July. 

Example 2: A Driver has booked parking for January 29th - February 3rd. Although they have parked for some days in January, these earnings are paid on the first business day of March. 


The above hasn't answered your question?

1. Double check you've added your bank account details or PayPal: for your earnings payout If we don't have your details we can't pay you! You can check that we've got the (right) payment details here. We'll then pay out all your earnings on the next payment run.

2. For the avoidance of any doubt; if a booking is cancelled, you won't receive earnings for the booking. 

3. Please note that no payments are be made on a Bank Holiday. If a payment date falls on a bank holiday, earnings will be paid the following business day.


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