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Do I get paid the deposit?

Do I get paid the deposit?

No, the deposit paid by a Driver for a monthly booking is not passed on to the Space Owner.

Instead, YourParkingSpace holds the deposit on behalf of the Space Owner for the duration of the tenancy in order to make sure that the money is returned in a timely manner.

As a Space Owner, you have the right to make a claim against the Driver's deposit based on the following:

  • Damaged or unreturned access equipment
  • Unpaid rent 


How do I make a claim against a deposit?

If you need to make a claim against the Drivers deposit, you must do this within 48 hours of the end date by contacting us here. Claim value can be made up to the value of the deposit amount and must be supported with evidence of receipt or quote for replacement or repair. 


When will the deposit be returned to the driver?

Provided a driver vacates the parking space by the end date of the booking and returns any access equipment in full working order, the deposit will be returned in full to the Driver.

❗️Please note that the deposit is automatically returned to the driver after 48 hours from the end date. You will not be able to make a claim against the deposit after this time.



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